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Guest review from Ultima Island - 2

Wonderful atmosphere. One of the few rpg maker games that actually has its own style to everything, and does it really well. Much thanks to all original graphics and music that comes together in a wonderful pacage. Everything just fits together.

The dialogue is very well written with very few spelling mistakes. The story also seems interesting, and somewhat original for an rpg, although its hard to judge this just from the demo. I really enjoyed Bridget's screwed up explanation to everything.

The battles are too long, and not challenging enough to be this long. I found myself just bashing the enemies over and over hoping for the battle to end. I suggest less HP and heavier attacks.

This game is really something everyone should try out. A fantastic effort with the original graphics and soundtrack. This game has a soul, if that description is understandable. With a few tweaks here and there in the gameplay this game will becom a true classic among rpg maker classics.

Written by: Unknown
RATED: 9/10






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