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Guest review from Ultima Island - 1

The Good:
Good things? Well, it was 100% original graphics and music! They weren't amazing, but pretty good for original, and it was neat to see! The dialogue also wasn't bad, and the storyline might've been interesting.

The Bad:
The movement speed. Bothered the heck out of me. Also, the first little dungeon was too long. First dungeons at the beginning of the game should be short, so a player can figure out what they're doing instead of running through a long dungeon without knowing why they really want to go through.

The Ugly:
The battles. Oh god, the battles. They... moved so slow... enemies didn't do much damage, you didn't do much damage to them... first enemies should take only a couple hits to kill, these guys... Whenever I got into a fight, I'd put on auto-battle and do something else, and the battle would be over in a few minutes. Combine long battles with slow move speed and large dungeon...

Yeah, on first impression, it seems like it could be decent, if you could just get to the decent parts... If you are going to play, make sure you have lots of free time!

Written by: Unknown
RATED: 7/10






2007-2008 Space Entertainment. Created by Martin (Merte) Liland. Protected by Norwegian law of intellectual property.