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 2007-2008 Space Entertainment. Created by Martin (Merte) Liland


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7th December 2007:   The new project site is now up and running. Two reviews of the demo have been added to the Press section.
23rd November 2007:   The first Origin demo is now available for download from the Download section. Please feel free to post feedback.

Origin is a freeware role playing game (RPG) following the traditional formula of Japanese console role playing games from the early 1990s, typically found on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Sony Playstation systems. The game itself is currently a work in progress, with a demo version available for download. The developer is always interested in your opinion, so all feedback is welcomed with gratitude and every opinion is emphasized.

With its cartoony look and modern setting, Origin stands out with a quite unique design when it comes to role playing games. Humour is an important part of this game, so the story never gets too serious for a joke or two to lighten the mood. If you have grown tired of dragons and wizards and heroes and swords, or of spaceships and lightsabers and laser pistols; Origin may very well be the game for you.


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Who are we, where do we come from and where are we going? These questions have been following human kind since we first started to look upon the stars in amazement and wonder. God, coincidence, or something else?

One night a boy wakes up in his bed. The telephone is ringing. The unfamiliar voice tells him strange things and a sheep suddely appears in the living room. Strange things are definitly going on, especially since several sheep have suddely been disappearing and reappearing mysteriously on his uncle's farm. The boy believes that the strange events that took place that night were only a dream, but he will soon realize that they will change his life forever.

Digging further and further into the mystery of the sheep abductions, the boy and his three friends find themselves facing frightening answers to questions asked for  centuries, and a destiny putting humanity in jeopardy.






2007-2008 Space Entertainment. Created by Martin (Merte) Liland. Protected by Norwegian law of intellectual property.